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A Bit About Me

I have seen (for real), many different beings giving me information since I was a child till I was 50 years old. Many were guides showing me the path to higher frequencies that lay dormant within, some were people who had passed over, others were those showing me the power I denied myself. I'm not sure if that gift to actually see will come back fully, since 50 I have only briefly seen a couple of things, but during that time of being woken up weekly and sometimes nightly they taught me many things, like taking me to different dimensions on Earth, places that humanity can tap into once they find balance within and take their own authentic power back.

They showed me humanity's potential by introducing me to others who could confirm these potentials and by teaching me to clear my mind at least for a moment to manifest what I asked for. There is a lot to my life, many stories of things most wouldn't even want to accept, but each time I asked for more confirmation I received it, this eventually was something I could no longer deny as even dreams started to come true.

They said they were preparing me for these times to help others cross over the threshold to break through the veil, to shed the programmed limitations which kept humanity in bondage. This is why I had to go through so much to find my way out, so that I could share this wisdom with others. A channeled photoshop image of Earth's Potential future for humanity once we find balance within.


FUTURE EARTH Art - Potential future Earth where dolphins teach the children through the universal language of telepathy about their home worlds. Where those that have passed over return to converse as spirit balls, where colours are much more vivid and buildings are grand both on the surface and below. By Bobbie Richardson

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