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A Message Within A Bottle

Channeled Message Nov 1st 2023

We have sent so many things into outer space trying to find out how we fit into this amazing universe, who is out there and who we are. But now that I have experienced ONENESS I finally realize all that we are seeking outside of us is within.

It is within the stillness of self-acceptance, no matter what that looks like to others, we need to realize it’s all up to us to accept ourselves before anyone can accept the part, they see in you within themselves.

It’s within the stillness of dropping the illusion that we even need to be something before we find the true value of ourselves as nothing and only then we can leap into something from our heart’s desires.

It’s within the stillness that we drop all thoughts that we thought we knew it all and opened our connection to others that already live within the space of benevolence.

So, you see we could send out messages for aliens to find, golden records that have information on it about us, which would fly through space like a tiny atom never being intercepted by anything or we could try going within to imagine aligning with other beings who have already found peace within themselves bridging a frequency of truth that all lives within us once we find harmony between our inner and outer world.

Bobbie - Cyanians

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