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AI versus GOD

Art By Bobbie Richardson

The world as we know it is changing. Oneness/God/Prime Creator has heard the call of humanity and has been sending through new energies to awaken all who desire to see through the veil and step into taking responsibility for their own authentic path, connected once again to their souls. Gifting them more abilities and foresight, allowing them to become closer and closer to Prime Creator as ONE. But... Those who have been in control, and have an unnatural egotistical god complex, only thinking of themselves, have tried to match the new energies and gifts emerging in humanity, creating devices outside of humanity so they can take them away and easily control the masses. Outside oneself Telephones/internet Planes AI/Microchips Connection to a mainstream Computer controlled by a few greedy humans who trick and lure the people with Meta devices. As opposed to doing the inner work and finding gifts naturally open up. Telepathy/Channeling Teleportation Telekenisis Connection to Prime Creator who has no limits

Invision Art © Codes To A New Reality

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1 Comment

When I heard you talk about this in your interview I found this so profound and original. I have heard no one else who really connected this. We are offered a facsimile of our natural accession path, with the perfect timing to rob people of the right to pass their cosmic initiation themselves. We will be presented the technologically advanced aliens with all kinds of magically convenient technology who represent our regressive future failing selves in an effort to test our discernment and resolve to choose the natural and authentic path, in the face of potential uncertainty and suffering. I love your work, keep it up! :)

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