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Fear is the lack of LOVE, but because it is the lack of something, the only thing that truly exists is LOVE because one cannot exist without the other. Fear doesn’t actually exist, because it is only the lack of LOVE.

Take for example a wheel that represents LOVE, but that wheel has a small bump in its tire and every time it turns and hits the small bump you are reminded that you are moving through a life that could change at any time, if we cut that bump out because we think that it doesn’t fit into the smooth life you want to live or you fear it may take you onto an unknown path, or that its different from the other wheels, then the whole tire will go flat and you can’t move anymore, instead you have to stop and patch up the wheel and you start to fear yourself because you feel vulnerable and need to protect yourself more, you don’t enjoy your life because you're constantly healing and protecting. This is where fear comes from, it’s from not accepting the parts of you that represents your greatest unique self, that could have created a leader out of you by carving a new path.

When you cut out that part of you by not loving it, you are left with a space in the wheel, now the wheel or your love for yourself doesn’t feel whole. But that space cannot exist unless the wheel was whole to begin with. Therefore, LOVE is the whole of us bumps and all and fear is the piece of you that you deny. If you learn to love the whole of you and put the bump back, the wheel is automatically whole again and you can use that to turn a new corner as all living creatures are built with a blemish because that’s what make us unique and gifts this world much variety to explore and move into.

Channeled By Bobbie Richardson and her Soul Team


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