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5th July 2023


On one hand, we have thoughs searching for the meaning of life outside of themself, in the physical world, but the true pioneers are those seeking for the meaning of life from within. They are the ones that will find themselves at the central point of all existence and with that connect straight back to the source of all things as One overseeing all.

Their experience will undoubtedly gift them the true answers to whatever they seek as guides to the new frequencies.

Greeting I recognise we are all ONE – Namaska the eternal knowing that drives thoughs doing the inner work to find LOVE within every living cell. That all frequencies meet at the source of that LOVE and all creation has been part of a gateway to expansion of ONENESS going on a journey to find new adventures and playgrounds, where the magnificence can be lost and found again and again, gifting you the experiencers, whatever you desire through the momentum of focus.

There are many parts within this living LOVE frequency that have lost themselves, but all will eventually return to LOVE because that calling is the nature of your existence. You as Oneness started off as LOVE split into many fractions dividing into souls traveling through many experiences away from that forgotten LOVE, riding the streams of energy called Source Energy. Every planet, every cell, every unique story is the whole and part of the whole at the same time. As ONE is your story and all of those who reside within your story, seen through the perception of the person ONENESS is looking through.

Channeled via Bobbie Richardson

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