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Art channeled by Bobbie Richardson. Arcturian

Equinox 20th March 2023

Channeled Message…

Many who are going through a tough time at the moment, are being prepared for something bigger than your logical mind could grasp.

All you created in your reality through the mind trying to keep up with others as we were programmed to fit into the norm, is falling away from us, which then gifts us a space where our authenticity can shine.

This is where the new energies spark our consciousness into peace of mind and the understanding that our strength doesn’t come from trying to hold onto issues and problems, reliving them in our heads just in case the issue re-surface, which by the way it would if you kept focusing on the problem. But out strength is actually in our knowing we can let go quickly of realities we don't wish to manifest into our lives.

Leading all you have grounded in your reality that isn’t in sync with these new energies to fall away, making room for unknown quantities to develop, leading many towards a mission beyond the norm.

This so-called 'not normal' adventure starts with your desires, your passions as we learn to trust the things, we love will not only led us towards our greatest happiness but also move us away from those who kept a controlling led over our reality through fear games and getting us to worry about everything.

The work is ongoing but the clarity is becoming our strength as we shed our old mind programs and relieve ourselves from the fear games diverting us from our soul’s wisdom.

Arcturians and Bobbie

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