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Pun intended.

We are literally stepping out of carrying our abundance on our back for others to take as they need when we get tired from carrying, and protecting it.

We are learning to step into supporting ourselves and our wisdom to create the life we want, which means that not only the universe supports us moment to moment, but also no one can take what you gift yourself and if they do your support of yourself easily manifests more of that.

The program of, their isn't enough for all to live in abundance, is falling away. As those that are trying to control us while sitting on their mountain of wealth are finding they are constantly being slapped in the face with their own hand.

This is due to the new frequency's only supporting a balanced inner journey. And humanity, doing the inner work to realize where they gave their power away.

In reflection we are stepping up and knowing our worth deserves the desired life we always wanted to live.

P. S. I bought this Mayan Calendar in Mexico in 2008, how relevant is this to that which we are all stepping out of now. No longer the slave to the program, now the creator of our sovereign reality.

A man with a computer on his back.

Bobbie Richardson - Invision Art©

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