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Higher frequencies here we come.

As we get closer to putting our ego in check and trusting our intuition we start to all have similar thoughts, as we recognize the truth. For in the end there is no competition as that was the logical side of ourselves out of balance searching to trust itself but we are all the best, as we are all ‘love’ experiencing an amazing adventure, and we all have a piece of the puzzle. Together we rise to lead when it’s our turn to step up, and we stand aside to let others share so we may learn, we flow with the energies not against them, and trust one another as we learn to trust ourselves. No jealousy, no more feeling insecure or needing to be the best or the first at everything, no more judgments, just living life to the fullest in the moment as it arrives. We create and we experience, we let go and we move on, create, experience, let go, move on and so it goes. The adventure is the destination and the destination is the journey.

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Yanaka Hoffman
Yanaka Hoffman
Feb 21, 2022


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