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Intense Energies 2020

The energy is so high at the moment, that when I listened to music that makes me happy, I can feel into such bliss, it's like all of my happiness bleeds into all I know and therefore acceptance of my creational reality is happy to. As acceptance is the key to knowing life as love, as love is what we are and is the point where we can change all creation.

On the flip side of that, the more intense the vibration, when I find myself in a feeling of intolerance, the lows feel so bad, but that teaches me, that I have moved away from my natural self that of love again, as that is the way life flows for reason to learn about oneself and grow.

It is the way we choose to deal with that which creates maturity of being able to handle the natural ride of life. One could run away or ignore and learn nothing, only to find that same step to return next time with little growth in between, or one could argue there way through which has the ability to shift quickly but can also shatter relationships and life so nothing is the same again, or one could move the energy back to bliss by acceptance that all will return and trusting that one will say, do or not say and do the right thing at the right time. This takes a lot of tolerance, acceptance and trust of self which adds up to maturity. Maturity is the key to allowing what influences one's reality.

Bobbie Richardson

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