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Message from Bobbie 7th Sep 2020

Many people around the world are saying 'no' to the controlled system, to the forced lockdowns and injections of who knows what, because we can't trust the billionaires pulling the strings who blatantly write on stone, they want to cull the population by 6 billion people. (check out Georgia Guidestones and so much more on youtube).

So good to see there are peaceful rallies of noncooperation, leading themselves to many new opportunities of creating a system where the people put there trust back into those who know compassion, who want to guide rather than rule, who seek advice from many and allow others to lead when new decisions arrive.

Not one nor few should ever control or rule the many again. Living on Earth should be filled with self-made choices of trusting others and caring for the whole without judgment. This is what makes a colorful fun world to live on.

The first thing needed is to learn to clear one's mind, to stop looking for the fights but rather to know where one is going, so that every step is working towards that goal of living peacefully within themselves, thus creating a world of living in peace.

Peace doesn't mean ignoring what's really going on though, peace within means choosing when to stand up and say no and knowing you have the strength within to move towards whatever makes you happy including the happiness of all of those in your immediate reality.

with love Bobbie Richardson.

Website - Codes To A New Reality

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