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Q & A Babylon

Q. By G’s walk abouts - Could the tower of babylon been our telepathy ability and the dna being altered the destruction of it? Thank you Bobbi

A. They said it was after the people were disconnected from their intuitive side through the fear game, eventually shutting down parts of the DNA that only linked to these abilities through the frequency of love, giving them the ability to talk telepathically to those of higher frequencies. Many tried to re-connect again. This is because some still remembered that their outer reality matched that within, and they were dreaming and imagining of this connection. They saw it like a tower that had fallen similar to the tower card in the tarot. So the people gathered and created this tower but those that physically won the war over the domain of humanity, who were also the same beings sent to keep the people in ignorance so that humanity may learn all about logic and the balance of the ether and the material world destroyed it before they could imagine themselves back to this connection. BR

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