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The Tipping Point

Channeled 23rd Feb 2022

Invision Art©

Not just yet but...

The tipping point of humanity's consciousness coming into balance and acceptance of their right feminine hemisphere, their intuition and imagination is so close.

Lightworkers everywhere have already accepted this and are starting to wake up those that have had life after life on Earth living in lockdown or as those from higher frequencies call it the warring zone.

Soon we will start to see those who have accepted their creative nurturing side to come forth, a wave of realization that humanities imagination was held in bondage for eons so that it could conjure up a life of service for those who were here to teach the skills of what creation looks like by looking outside oneself only, will be very obvious. That our imagination is extremely valuable both here on Earth and in the eyes of many other species presently residing in the higher frequencies.

Yes, a tipping point inhumanities consciousness is upon us and with that a new self-supporting energy can be felt once again leading us into creating the life we all desire as we finally realize what we are worth, the only qualification is that we exist here on Earth, as to be born meant you are 100% needed. Finally humanity takes the reigns of their own sovereign balanced life back. As all out of balance gives rise to the opposite of the imbalance therefore Love becomes fear and fear will push until one finds love and self-support again.

Bobbie Richardson

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