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Those That Are Yet To Come...

Many psychic people have connected with those that have passed, but I can also vouch for those that are yet to come,

I drew my eldest when I had just met her dad and I knew I would only have one female child with him.

I had an experience with my middle child in my 2nd marriage coming through a year before getting pregnant, also a 2 year old saw her before she was born after I connected with her and I woke up in the middle of the night seeing a vision of two girls washing lines before my two youngest girls were even conceived.

I knew I was pregnant with my middle girl three days after conceiving her because I saw an umbilical cord attach to me in a vision, I woke up and saw the cord from the T.V. coming towards me as a representation, and ended up going to the hospital to get an ultrasound so early that she was just a dot on the screen lol, the nurse couldn't explain it as I shouldn't have known.

I woke up and saw my youngest standing beside me twice when I was still pregnant with her, she looked just like she did when she was about six years old, once she was giving me a gift.

So you see we are eternal. We are all having a brief experience and it's your choice whether to follow another person's fear game or to follow LOVE.

Bobbie Richardson

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