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Time To Free Ourselves - weekly messages

Whenever you come across these messages they are meant for you...

You can’t move into a trusting world without trusting yourself


Cyanian Messages

Being different, no matter what that difference is, can manifest into low self-esteem. Why? Because the system created around you is trying so hard to stop you from realizing your uniqueness, your difference is your strength to break the system designed to keep you stuck in it.

So, the way out is to shine…


Message 3:33 on the clock

We are all trying to be someone, rich, an empath, a singer, instead of just being, knowing you are special just as you are with all that’s unique to you. You loving you is when you win!


Life is meant to be a balance of all the things you care about, if you put all your eggs in a couple of things and hardly any in another, you will still feel unbalanced. Life will flow with you when you open yourself up to living more in the moment, not to push for what you think the world wants out of you. Because your uniqueness could be hiding in the very thing the world said isn't worth your time.


My higher self

Leaders were never meant to have more power than the people. They were supposed to lead by example of what a good role model is and the people then naturally gravitate towards them for their guidance in that moment because of their good approach to life and happy disposition. Otherwise, they are just manipulators, trying to control because they don’t feel worthy unless they control many.


Undermining those who are waking up because you know more, literally means you are still waking up because you are still judging, yes you know more, you were meant to at this time. We aren’t all supposed to wake up together, this is a process, and not one person from the eyes of Prime Creator feels that any other is less than purely because every experience is unique and beautiful.

Bobbie Richardson

Channeled - week of 28th January 2024

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