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22 December 2021

I asked my guides... Why do we fear things?

When it comes to fear, one is already residing in lack. Lack of control, lack of abundance, lack of confidence, lack of support, lack of love, lack of human contact, it’s all lack. So then one needs to look at the word lack to find out what fear is truly about.

In our dictionaries lack means - To be deficient or missing, to be short of, or have need of something, suffer from the absence of.

So that means to understand fear is to know ones truth that one is completely whole but feels less than, otherwise they couldn’t feel into the presence of lack.

What’s that? You already know you are whole otherwise you can’t feel the lack of something, which manifests into fear.

This in itself would mean that you already have the ability within you to know you are worthy and able to have everything you’ve ever wanted in your life, but your mind has been programmed as a self-sabotaging story to feel you somehow don’t deserve, so you don’t support yourself, or love yourself and so the cycle starts. Meaning that the original feelings of fear actually starts with the knowing that you are whole or LOVE to begin.

Bobbie Richardson and her Soul Tribe

Art By Bobbie Richardson

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