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1978 - My first experience with a UFO craft.

I went to bed and as usual, looked out of my bedroom window only this time I saw an unusual bright orange light staying perfectly still in the night sky. It stayed in the sky for what seemed like an hour to me as I watched it, trying to work out what it was. I had the strangest thought wash over me that it was observing me, as if it knew me. Then I remember thinking, why me, I'm nobody special. All of a sudden it flew off very fast which scared me a lot, so I threw over my blankets and didn’t move a muscle sweating like crazy, my heart racing. as I was only 11 years old at the time and had never seen anything like this before. I then heard my bedroom door open to see my dad walk to my bed, hold my hand to calm me down, not saying anything but making me feel better he stood up and left. I later asked my dad, he said he never came into my room that night nor any other night. It wasn’t something he would normally do. So who was that?

A few nights later while the family was watching the news while eating fish and chips out of newspaper on the floor, one of my favorite meal times as the whole family ate together and who didn't love fish and chips. We saw on the News a story on a presenter filming a UFO in Kaikoura which was a four-hour drive from my hometown called Kaiapoi.

I told my family what I saw but they thought I was making it all up. A few weeks later I woke to many lights in my room, I don't remember much about that, but my sister remembered me telling her.

About a year later my mother who use to work the nightshift cleaning the Southerner Trains in Christchurch came home around 3pm to see me on the roof of the house. I had my hands in the air moving backward like I was about to catch something. She yelled at me to come in and get to bed. The next day after school she was upset with me and told me to never do that again, obviously, it scared her to see me on the roof at night. But I couldn't remember anything, so later that day I climbed onto the roof to see if there was any way I could stand, it was to steep for my mind to stand so I was wondering how could I do that and why did I have my hands in the air?

Years later this sighting was nothing on what I would experience as many more visitations and experiences happened to me, giving me advice on the times to come, teaching me to learn to control my mind as this was very important and what humanities potential is once we are all out of the deception of the Draconians. I am very grateful for all of the encounters Ive had even though many scared me for a while. It was worth it in the end because I know humanity has a huge chance to create wonderful things with Earth.

Kaikoura UFO sighting around the same time.

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