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The Importance Of Where, When & Who You Are.

Channeled 17th Dec (Arcturian)

When you are centered within your own tranquil knowing, all outside of you will seemingly work with you, clarity of self and living in the moment brings you closer and closer to this central point of self. Where one feels totally at peace with who they are, when and where they are.

It is therefore likened to a triangle of time, place, and self which when calculated as an equal level or being in harmony with all three viewpoints from your own central universe of point of self-awareness (soul), can feel to you as if you have found perfect harmony and acceptance within oneself.

But if at any point from your central understanding you aren’t happy with either the timing, the place, or your own self then you are wrapped into that becoming a place where things can seemingly go wrong.

One example would be, say you are walking down a path and feel really great so everything is in reflection going great, almost like you feel that your outside world is supporting you 100% and you get to experience all things that your happiness desires. But then you feel late for something so your inner awareness has projected an understanding that you are late and all of a sudden that feeling will see a physical boulder on your path which will block you until you accept the boulder as a part of your journey and only a reflection of that late feeling, that you were never late to begin with, and that you are always in the right place at the right time. That acceptance will see your physical world reflect that, and in your reality you find an easy way around the boulder.

Another example would be the same person walking down the path when they start to get bored with their environment and project a feeling that they feel stuck within the same boring reality, therefore their environment will keep them in a loop of feeling stuck and bored, seemingly to never change enough to feel excited with life. It wont be until that person looks closer and sees their environment with more purpose, accepting the beauty within the small things like the flowers on the path and then how the insects fly or the beauty and patterns of the stones under their feet that they will realize life is way bigger than the blinkers of boredom.

So when you can get to the point that you accept where you are, who you are, and the timing of your life, then you will find peace and harmony as it is within this acceptance that you find you will be living in the moment and trust in your own journey through self-realization that all starts within you.

Bobbie and her Soul Team

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