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2020 Time To Decide.

Where are we all going?

Well this is a choice, although for me there is no choice, because when the choices are between something that feels bad and something that feels magnificent, my choice is already made.

We are coming out of a huge lesson spanning thousands of years.

Those that have pretended to be humanities Gods to create a diversion from our feminine, right bright/intuitive side did so for reason. To learn how far we could go with the logical side of self, as humanity had already learned how far they could take the feminine intuitive side thousands of years before. Although this information has been suppressed for the reason of learning from logic. But now it is time to take all we have learned and start again but from a harmony within that both sides of self are coming from the same point reference, that of LOVE or the God within which is also in everything we create.

Yes everything around us is our creation and therefore all is just a reflection of self from our relative point of view. It is therefore with maturity that we awaken the intuitive side of self. This is something we need to lead from, being that this part of self has the imagination and can therefore imagine something we feel from our hearts that we would love to become as hearts are connected to Source Energy or the Love within.

This is a very auspicious moment in all of our creation as we are now moving very closely to the point of that Self love/God within/Source energy/Stillness. By December 2020 we would have entered the eye of the storm. The meeting point where duality merges, where stillness and self acceptance of both logic and intuition, masculine and feminine realize we are all coming from the same point, that of LOVE. That the split of this love at the beginning of all that exists was only decided so we could experience more and expand in knowing ourselves as the God/Gods we are.

We are individually the many variations of that split, and only in our immediate reality with all the people known, reflect each other to create this reality.

Now is the time we have all been waiting for, now is the time to find the Love of self within and realize we are God and God is us.

From this reference, it will be likened to a blank canvas with more colours to paint a whole new picture.

A good way to understand this is. You are an artist and you want to explore how good you can be. You go out and find all the Earthy dark colours, your excited so you paint on your blank white canvas a beautiful picture of the reality you love, but the more and more you paint, you cover all the white canvas and without highlights the picture becomes dark so after thousands of years you've painted all you can and it's nearly all black like a void. This is in reference to humanity learning to create from the feminine side of self only. You've had enough of those colors so you put them in a draw and forget about them because you've just found a whole lot of brilliant light colours and each brush stroke you make creates highlights on your now black canvas which is exciting. But after many more thousands of years these highlights take over and the canvas becomes white again thus bringing you back to a blank canvas.

This is where we are at now, we have now returned to source energy and by December we will be in the eye of that white canvas, so you need to put down your highlighted colours because you need to regroup to remember the Earthy colours or intuitive, imaginative side of self. If you keep on using the highlights or learning only from logic your creation will become stagnitated and in reflection your reality will become clone like where everyone is the same and you will serve a false god or the part of self ruling from a place of unappreciation as each stroke of colour doesn't create what you want anymore.

But when we stay still within in this eye of the storm we give ourselves time to remember the dark Earthy paints. Now we see that both light and dark are needed to create something so magnificent, not always dark, not always light but together we can imagine way more.

We are now entering the blank canvas stage, starting again, we are remembering the feminine/intuitive/imaginative side of self and we also know of the logical outer reflective side of self. Now we can create something so magnificent, so amazing, so beautiful. But only if we drop the illusion that only one part of ourselves can create all.

By Bobbie Richardson

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