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27th April 2020 - Meeting with Earth

Invision Art ©

I wake up in the morning and feel great, a clarity of peace stills my mind as the birds sing, the cat stirs reaching out her paws and my thoughts fall on what messages will come today that I could share to the world and help as many who want to come with Earth through source/love to connect again to self and the beautiful planet we all live on.

I remember a dream from a few years back of meeting with Earth. She appeared as a turtle swimming in the ocean, her right flipper was damaged but she said she didn't need my help. She swam to the shore and pulled her body up onto the sand, of which there was very little space. She dug a hole and laid her eggs knowing they would hatch soon into a new part of herself, a new Earth.

Once she had laid her eggs she morphed into a beautiful lady with long blonde hair. As she stood there I became aware of myself again and started to talk to her. I noticed a lot of rubbish on the land and asked her should I clean up as humanity was part of creating this mess. She turned and said very clearly, 'No,' I was surprised. She then pointed to a large hall in the distance and said to dance my way through the mess as the mess will be cleaned up anyway. She said just dance, then you can join me.

I woke up realizing there is only one thing we need to do, and that was to lift our vibration to meet hers as she gives birth to a new vibrant Earth connected to source or love again. BR

Codes To A New Reality - Invision Art ©All messages are channeled via Benevolent Beings from the 5th dimension and higher as they can observe our 3rd dimensional space just as I can when I'm clear and connected as we are ONE.

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