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28th April 2020 - To Remember Empowers Us

In one of my lessons with the Cherokee Elder Pa'Ris'Ha I was taught that if a kitten is born from a cat and a puppy from a dog, then what is born from God/Source? She was talking about humanity and the knowing that if we are aware enough to know a kitten is born from a cat then we are aware enough to know all is born from Source or God and in that awareness we are indeed Source/God/Creator itself.

The biggest lesson we have at this moment is to remember, and remember I have, As two years ago I asked to not only know being one with Source energy but to experience this.

On the 28th - 29th March 2020 I had an experience unlike any other and I would love to share this with you as I became one with Source/Oneness/God/Creator, whatever you wish to label it. It has taken me a good month to integrate much of what took place but from this experience I have chosen to share part of this journey in my next Codes To A New Reality Youtube series.

Look out for this one, it is invaluable.

Codes To A New Reality S2 Eps 2 My Journey To Source/God (title could vary)

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