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3 Steps Of Our Evolution

The different stages of the evolutional jump of a soul…

The first point of self-awareness is within questioning, how did I come to be in physical form, separated from others or in this body? Or how why am I here? This step is when one becomes aware of self and their presence to their environment.

The 2nd step in evolution is questioning, am I more than my physical body? Am I beyond the body? This is another jump in evolution and one that humanity is on the path of now. This brings one into the awareness that they are linked at a core energy, or source energy to all of their environment and as their environment is at the core only energy, just resonating at different frequencies overlapped with different programs giving rise to limitations and therefore new experiences. That everything is at the core Oneness and because creation is only created through passion to expand or love then we all love at the core, anything less is only a denial of that love and therefore love is all that exists.

The next step goes beyond what many can comprehend as it is the evolution of self-reflection at the core of Oneness, returning you to this life you are living now, but returning to question the whole experience as the observer of all. This reflection returns one back to your original view point that there is only one that exists and that is you and your perception of all in this moment. That in fact you are the creator and all else is a vibrational match to you. That all others are from their own viewpoint also Oneness experiencing life through their own experiences happening simultaneously. But your perspective is all there is in the infinite of Oneness in the now. Such an awareness cannot be experienced without the realization of the 2nd step of your evolution, that you are in essence your whole existence including your body, your environment, all the people in it and your awareness of that. That in harming another can only harm yourself as you as oneness will experience all lives within the perimeters of your reality that you are aware of in the now. So, in order for you to create a blissful experience it is wise to bring your attention to all that you desire and let go of all you don’t desire or this final step of evolution of knowing you are the creator or God could not be experienced, being that God or Oneness in the first place is only love and love is all that exist.

Channeled 19th July 2022

Bobbie Richardson tapping into the Akashic Records

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