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A Brand New YouTube Series - Awakening Realities Within You

I'm super excited, as I'm over halfway through creating my first video for this brand new series, many, many hours of work, but so worth it.

My soul is so happy to be able to share with you what I felt when I engaged with these incredible worlds. My guides/soul tribe have been helping me no end, even giving me technical advice as I was waking up so that I may incorporate new ideas as I'm purely self-taught when it comes to imovie.

Every video will be on a different reality, this will probably be a once-a-month adventure because of the many hours that go into each one. So far I'm truly happy with the first one. They are a lot longer than the usual inspirational channeled videos Ive created so I will premier them.

Can't wait to publish and help guide those that want to open their minds and spark memories of all of these different realities my guides led me to over the years.

Always with LOVE Bobbie

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