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A chat about Psychedelic's and Humanities Potential.

My thoughts on the subject...

There is so much more to our reality pass the so called rules of the norm, pass the system built up around you to create a safe illusion.

Much of this world can be experimented through the control of ones thoughts and acceptance of ones reality entering another, but also this could be accepted by the help of an outside force in the connection to a plant based psychedelic.

When taken with purpose of disolving issues, asking bigger life questions, and or guidance into worlds beyond, one can go on journeys of self to discover much more than the limited reality we think we live within now.

Although many of these psychedelics help us to release Serotonine and DMT or Dimethyltryptamine I have found such experiences can happen without the plants help.

I was taken to such an existance via a very real dream, waking up on Earth in what I could only describe as a Utopia. This experience left me with such a calm state of mind that I knew from then on what I wanted to achieve in my life and from that moment I started the quest to go back to that Utopia. This led me down many paths of releasing unwanted thought programs, to learning to support myself, to acceptance of all journey's to experiencing Oneness coming full circle back to myself as the creator of all.

This also got me to ask the question. What is humanities potential? The first place I was taken to was the pineal gland and our ability to produce DMT ourselves but the key ingrediants was a balanced mind. Remembering the dream where my mind was completely living in the moment and accepting of all with no fear, I had many gifts shown in that dream from teleportation through to telepathy and the ability to instantanously manifest. All from this calm balanced mind which connected to all other life through acceptance of all as my own creation.

I believe the plant in itself is a gateway, but none can enter these sacred places within oneself for good, unless one learns to balance both sides of the logical mind and intuitive mind due to all within is a reflection of our outside reality. Therefore this world we have been living in is in actual fact just a direct reflection of your mind and the company of those you keep, that keep you held within that state of unsettled awareness.

Bobbie Richardson

Invision Art©

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