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A Dream That Is Inspiring To Shift Reality

Whenever I've been in a place where I know someone is fixated on hurting me soon, I go into deep thoughts or meditation and imagine them being distracted with something else, luring their energy away from mine. It's worked on many occasions for me.

So I was thinking this morning, as a collective we could imagine anyone that has any ill interventions, being so distracted by something else that they have no energy or attention to put on their next deception, attack or whatever to hurt us.

I'm bringing this up after having woken from a dream of a small crocodile wrapped tightly around my left arm, holding it down getting ready to attack if it moved. (In dreams for me, Crocs represent law enforcement) I then thought all I need to do is to distract it and grabbed a hot poker that was sitting in some hot coals behind it then poked it on its hind leg, it immediately let go and I was free.

I woke and remembered that I had shifted others before that I knew were intentionally wanting to hurt me by imagining another energy coming in to distract them so thought to share this with others, thinking a collective or even a few people with the same intentions are way more powerful than the one.

Bobbie Richardson

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