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The Ghost in the Machine.

Dream- 13th May 2022

I dreamt…

The internet had a ghost within it, and it had turned on us. It was ruled by an evil mischievous entity, I don’t have a name for this entity but my daughter and I knew it was male.

I was gifted a message in the dream by my higher guidance but every time I went to type it in this ghost would stop me, all I remember is it was important and to do with the universe bending around our imagination.

In the end the internet started to rule other objects like the faucet in the kitchen. (represents the flow of our emotions in the modern world.

Eventually I said to the girls I had, had enough and switched off the modem to the internet, that wasn’t enough as it turned itself back on so I unplugged the whole thing and thought tomorrow we will buy a new one. I suggested Google or amazon but my daughter said those companies are no good because they are already blocking you out of many truths.

Then I woke up.


I feel this was telling us that eventually we will have to leave the mega corporate companies that run the internet and shift into creating a world not dominated by the masculine. In the end it is our decision when we have had enough to imagine a new way of connecting and trust the universe will bend to our will, as where we are going is still ruled by the ghost in the machine.

To unplug as Neo did in the matrix and trust.

That in knowing that the internet can exist and our ability to connect to each other through our will is enough for the universe to bend to our imagination and create a new path that isn’t controlled by another.

Another message of importance last night...

Even if benevolent Beings came to Earth to show humanity what they were missing out on, only those that were open to these messages would be able to compute and accept it.

They said, "All other people wouldn't even see us anyways, not because they aren’t allowed to but because they simply couldn’t even imagine us. Instead, their reality would split them away from our path and into a path more conducant to their limited thoughts."

"So, it isn’t us coming to save you," said the benevolent beings, "but you moving beyond the program to allow new realities to merge with yours."

Bobbie Richardson

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