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Dreams To Help Guide Us Through These New Energies

9th &10th May Dream Lessons

These are my issues that came up for me in my dreams after asking my guides to help navigate these new energies. I thought to share them with you, just in-case you feel it relevant to your story as well.

Dreams of how we can get caught in mind loops without even knowing it.

Time travel dream, seeing a sparkle in the forest from a car, I was the front passenger, the driver jumped out to investigate a different thing. We both disappeared leaving two kids in the back seat stuck in the forest.

I ended up in the 1960’s and was completely lost for ages.

Interpretation – don’t get lured by thoughts of the past in these new energies as you will get lost within them and won’t be able to travel any further into the real adventure happening now.

Dream of seeing a huge dyeing fish, like a flounder. It grabbed a small bowl and smacked my ankles with it, it was so annoyed that I hadn’t given it any water to survive in. My guilt was over-whelming, so I went through the junk below me and found a bucket. I got back to where the fish was and it was gone. I spent ages looking for it. Someone came to see me but I was so consumed on finding this fish through my guilt that I didn’t even find out what this new visitor wanted.

Interpretation – don’t let guilt distract you in these new energies or you will miss many new opportunities and it will also keep you stuck.

Dream of having lots of teenagers come into my room and tell me what they thought of me, I ended up getting rid of them because I was over their silly mind games. Then a mischievous elemental tried to get in, he was very clever and tried to squeeze through the top of the door. I saw his arm dangling and my first thought was fear that he was getting in which turned into an evil thought of chopping it off, but then I realized I didn’t have to go to such extremes and could just prick it or pinch it and he would leave.

Interpretation – make sure you have an invite only policy in these new energies as others of lower frequency can distract you. Also keep your calm through all of this so you don’t lead with extreme emotions as you will miss the easiest way out that doesn’t leave any residual karma.

Bobbie Richardson


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Thanks so much Bobby this is helpful for me. I'de have to say things are far more tense and volatile for me right now than any time in recent past, but at the same time new information is flowing very quickly that will force positive change.

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