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Channeled By Bobbie and her Soul Team.

There are histories wiped from the conscious minds of most humans, where only a few hold the codes in direct link to these hidden historical truths because their souls came straight from that timeline, and were born in the now to open the parts of humanities minds that were put to sleep by programming them generation after generation.

Many of these historical events hold the power of other realities and humanities connection to those realities including other interdimensional and extra-terrestrial beings.

As the Earth reveals her truth and humans stumble upon such long-losthumanity's structures, finally taking into account the serious truth of what has been uncovered, we finally see past the veil of illusion that our history was only told as a fragmented part of a whole where religion kept us small and living in sin leading to a victimized state of mind. Eventually, this realization of our missing history will empower us once again, changing not only our history but the present and future.

Many of these locations have giant structures, clean-cut lines created by sound vibration and quantum mechanics that literally used the intention and power of the mind along with vibrational lasers or light that could cut through stone and metal.

This was taught to humanity by many beings that interacted with humanity in times gone by from different planets and frequencies on Earth, those that lived under the Earth in massive cities and those that walked between worlds through gateways or stargates created not only out of the right minerals and rocks but placed strategically in a vibrational meet with Earths allowance for those holding different planetary vibrations to enter.

We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg as many historical realities were held in the frequency of light and so disappeared with the fall of humanity's consciousness when humans stepped out of that which connected you with your soul and all those that resided in the frequency of that light.

But even back then there were those that worked in the material world or the world of physical separation, mastering action to create as we do now, rather than the power of thought creates. And they did find a balance in many generations gone by where many could interact with the light frequencies of real-time manifestation and the physical world, this is where a lot of these structures unearthed are from.

As stone stargates hold a vortex, folding spacetime with the intention of those who passed through the stargate, allowing them to come from different realities, bringing an expansion of wisdom to Earth and humanity's awareness.

It is time now for many who have come with these codes of unearthing these hidden structures and trusting their intuition again to teach others how these stargates work but only sharing with those who have mastered their minds and found balance between their hearts and minds so that once again humanity can take the reins to mastering and creating their own desired reality.

We are all so excited to see where you take us as there are many species that have had a part to play in humanity's evolution and so are awaiting the return of humanity to their vibrational meet of love and light again.

Channeled 9th Feb 2023

Bobbie Richardson

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