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A Journey We Wont Forget Again.

31st Oct

As I design my reality from the inside out, whatever I decide to create I must at least move into as close a proximity of 100% clarity, and support of all I decide upon. For those that do follow these footsteps will find every decision entering a vortex of grounding upon Earth.

When one takes back the power of knowing they are the soul and or Source Energy which resides through all living things, they step into creating their own path and become Godlike as they dabble in the fields of creation. This in itself will bring humanity back into alignment of the past Atlantis, Lemuria, Muir Age or the Age of the vast Oceans, where humanity had a close resolve with Oneness and a strong awareness of the collective as one.

But as humanity has a very strong grounded ability to create outside oneself and use items to improve one’s life instead of relying on the evolutional alignment of one’s body to that of their environment as most other animals do. Their logical side always looking outside self was intrigued to see how far they could take such a gift and therefore experimented past the natural order of things. So, the further humanity went down this rabbit hole the more they lost sight and awareness of their soul and the truth that all is first created within the psyche of the soul’s connection, giving power to others as all was seeked outside thyself.

This is now changing as humanity has seen whee this can only lead, that in seeking only outside oneself will only end up in consuming so much that in trying to control all would limit humanities growth and humanity would stop evolving only to be controlled in a very limited way through the orders of others that have also lost their connection to their soul.

And so, to evolve one must look to connect back to that which can only be seeked from within. Therefore, the time to unit both logic and intuition is imamate as the trust within oneself will ignite self-support and therefore acceptance and love, no longer needing any other to tell them how they are to live because life is meant to be free to explore through the soul which only ever wants the best for you and is of greater guidance than any other man coming from their own disconnection to their soul.

Bobbie Richardson

Bobbie's Higher Self and guidance from her soul team as we become one telepathically.

NB. This message will be read in tomorrows live readings but avalable here to Ruby members.

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