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A Life Worth Creating

1st May 2021

Channeled Message

Before being born on Earth, we all stand on the edge of a great preface, a desert landscape that pulls us into our imagination, individually creating a collective energy that journeys into life itself. If that imagination has the energy field separated from love, then that which is created, from the perspective of the individual’s imagination is of a separated reality, fighting to find their way back to love through those reflecting this inner separation.

This is materialized into the chemical emotional response of fear, anger, depression, jealousy and so forth. It is the journey of self-acceptance that gives rise to a wonderful adventure of finding love within oneself. As this story was of great value to the whole in learning about self and what LOVE is, therefore the next time one stands on the prefaces that pulls them into their imagination, they will create a reality of such bliss that many will want to collectively gravitate to and become one, uniting many souls into a harmonious reality with Mother Earth.

Bobbie Richardson and Guides

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