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A Shift Of Law

A Sensitive Subject - Our Court System

4th Oct 2022

Is a lawful court fair when they only take logical answers into account, but what of emotions, feelings, gut instinct, a knowing beyond doubt without any logical memory of it.

A court that enquires without feeling is only surface deep and can easily convict one man for a crime they didn’t commit, pull children away from a parent that has done no wrong, convict a person just because the judge and jury had an inbuilt prejudice or a bad day. Or on the other end of the scale, they could let another go free that was at fault due to their ability to deceive.

When humanity can so easily be programmed by suggestions, the court system is nowhere near perfect enough to convict and punish anyone. And yet we still honor and trust a court and all its logical reasoning above what the natural order of life has in-stall.

The only one who could truly judge, is the universal reflection of reality, which is a natural fail safe and energy backlash of those who have done wrong. This is done by way of bringing one to their knees and subjecting that same person to seeing themselves in the position they brought another into and how they themselves came from a lack of love.

Therefore a court is only a reflection of trying to control by judgment and in itself is also a reflection of humanity giving away their power to an outside force through victimization of the system they allow to be built around them.

Channeled by Bobbie and her Team.

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