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A Sippet Into The New Medical Industry.

The medical industry is going to go through a radical change as many of us wake up to the knowing that we are first, vibrational fields working simultaneously together to create matter. Therefore, the fields of vibrations carry a core signature frequency that creates a healthy organ within the body.

Once this new truth is accepted the medical field can then invent sound vibrations, using these medical devices which are in tune with a healthy organ that they are healing, this is where quantum science meets medical science.

Also there will be many more people with the ability to heal others due to humanities consciousness expanding into that beyond the physical limited program. And they will have the ability to change energy within their own vibrational field, extending their own bodies to those that are in their reality. They in themselves would have had to have a healthy organ within their own body to know the vibrational frequency that they then shift and remind others who are willing patients, of that healthy frequency.

Bobbie Richardson

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