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DNA Activation - memories of another world.

I thought as a treat for my moneytizing peeps, and a thank you for all of your support, I would share a snippet of a fresh channeled message from the Arcturians for their "Stepping Through A Portal" video I'm creating, along with one of the art pieces they channeled through me.

The feelings are very different from the Pleiadians, as the Arcturians come from a vibrational reality where all is sensed through sacred geometry codes and frequencies. They are very wise because of this.


We do not see as you do through the physical eye but we also see all through the observer, that of all souls which one might call God on your planet. This gives us a perspective of seeing into vibrations and colours spectrums well beyond the physical eye.

We can see through all veils of deception and into the codes of all, kind of likened to the matrix but we see this spectrum within colour vibrations making out world a world of sacred geometry and colours.

Invision Art ©

By Bobbie Richardson

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