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Activation of Codes Igniting a New Earth

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

For over 100 years many have been born on Earth to specifically fast track the evolution of humanity into waking up towards our potential again. This was done in many stages as many souls raising their hands to carry certain codes of activation.

The first wave was the observers, who came to watch and learn but also try the inner journey if they felt they could give it a go.

Could be born - from over 100 years ago to now.

The 2nd wave was the Indigo's, who took the information from those born as observers on the ground playing field and stayed strong in their conviction to change their reality from within. Their strength could sometimes backfire though if they got lost in the outer journey already strong on Earth, because they came through with so much determination and strength some got caught up in the fight rather than moving through life from the heart. Some even lost their way. But enough were sent to smash this otter illusion and in doing so, put a definite crack in the matrix., as balance of inner and outer realities started to show. I take my hat off to this lot.

- Could be born - from around 90 years to now.

The 3rd wave was the crystal children who came very strongly from the heart and living in the moment. They gave the gift of gentle persuasion, chilling out the dominance of the indigos to help all find balance from within again.

- Could be born - 2000's till now (they needed a certain calmer vibration to come through and this didn't happen till after 1999.)

The 4th wave is of many holding codes, to reawaken the natural laws within and focus on many gifts being awoken through this balance of self, living in the moment.

- Could be born - 100 years ago till now, but the codes would lie dormant until activation took place when humanity and Earth were ready.

The awakening of those who are holding these codes to

creating a new reality, has begun.

Some of these codes have been brought to our attention on Earth for a while but now is the time to really step into them and do the work. As the mass collective takes over.

Codes activated are personal to those that carry them. You will know this is a code you hold by the feeling you get. There will be an excitement when you read the code you hold, you might even cry from the release of knowing this is for real now. Many have a knowing and might have already tried to implement their code, only to get knocked down, but this was only because the energy of humanity and Earth wasn't quite ready to accept them yet.

Now you will get a definite pull to work with the level of those in your coded environment who can comprehend your wisdom now. You'll get a knowing of what to say and when to say it.

Though the energy is in activation mode this won't occur unless the person holding the code is balanced themselves.

If you are still reading this then you will have at least one of these codes. One can hold multiple codes though.

Many children are born with codes that work together to create a new reality. One of the signs is that they will compliment each other as young children.

Reading this can activate these codes of those that carry them but not if the person isn't ready. There is no time restraint on this article.

CODES RECEIVED as of 31 05 2020 are as follows...

Codes of inner/outer beauty and youthfulness - These people are naturally pulled towards beauty and many are of crystal energies. They dislike the fake look, gravitating towards inner beauty naturally creating an outer beauty. The thought process is of holding a vibration of youthfulness, as the happier we are the more our souls can handle being here and the more youthful we stay.

Codes of Duality - Many holding this code will know the merging and balance of the mind and imagination. They work well with their logic and intuition, their left and right brain or masculine and feminine and have a great sense of balance when this code is activated. They teach others especially igniting those with the code of the imagination to find balance again. They know of the importance to work within one's thoughts in balance and harmony, no longer fighting themselves within. They have a great sense of trusting themselves and learn to gain much wisdom from this code.

Codes of Stillness - These people have a strong knack of holding stillness, they are already born with a sense of duality and are here to help shift those that have activated the code of duality. They can sometimes come across as day dreamers but when in line with this wisdom they share a space within that gives the wisdom and pleasure of living in the moment. They don't need to learn from repeating and find schooling very hard as they struggle until this code is activated, to be accepted in a world that denies the power of gaining and knowing wisdom from a still mind - Eckhart Tolle holds this code. The activation of this code also means they can now effect many others to living in the moment.

Codes of the Imagination and Intuition - These people will already have so called wild imaginations, they are strongly connected to channeling and receiving messages from other beings. As they love collecting many different imagined and real realities, which they sift through their big hearts to create new realities on Earth through them. They are generally the artists and authors of the the world. They are very enlightened as they know the way forward is through that which makes them and those in their environment, happy. They have had to

learn that their gift is worth protecting and standing up for, in a world that denied this for eons. They work with their intuition to bring in this new world from their inner knowing and closely work with Earths wishes sharing their imagery. They may get a pull to place their foreheads on Earth at specific locations to connect and share their wisdom.

Codes of Telepathy - Many of these people are empathic and can feel through life, they would have had on many occasions known what others were thinking and realise the clearer they are, the easier it is to be inline with the truth of their heart and the energy of their words.

They may have kept this to talent to themselves while the energy of the Earth didn't serve this ability, or it could be something denied that is now going to activate but either way it is time to allow this ability to flourish around those that feel good then gather momentum and courage to express these talents for the betterment of humanity.

Codes of Telekinesis - Many would have experienced manifesting an outcome before it happened by holding energy for long enough time to change the outcome to a more desirable result.

Many would have tried moving things with their mind, not always succeeding but in realizing this, has to come from a knowing that this is for real and coming from a stillness of the mind which allows their potential to flourish. As for the telepathy they may have kept this to talent to themselves while the energy of the Earth didn't serve this ability, or it could be something denied that is now going to activate but either way it is time to allow this ability to flourish around those that feel good then gather momentum and courage to express these talents for the betterment of humanity.

Codes of Astral Traveling - This code was activated a while ago but now is in full swing of using it to the advantage of ones reality, rather then just for fun.

Codes of Remote Viewing - This code has also been activated in the 1950s and could have been more prominent in our reality if it wasn't distorted by the Governments experimental use, although this also spread the knowing of this ability in our existence.

Remote Viewing is also the first step to the activation of teleportation from within, as you must always remote view where you are going or be with another who knows otherwise reality will fold in on itself if a leap is taken without knowing. Seekers hold this code, see below.

Codes of Connecting to Earth - Many who hold codes have this code as well, due to the necessary connection of our home and environment. Once this code is activated you will know that Earth is alive and holds a powerful all knowing soul created by source, the source we all are. That Earth is part of us created to use as a playground to explore ourselves as humans and evolve once all has been explored.

Codes of the Architects - Many of these people have a strong Annunaki and Reptilian link as they are the original architects. They have the ability when coming from the heart and stilling the mind or higher vibration, to draw energy from the imagination and project it as white etheric lines of energy forming walls of architecture to solidify when rightly imagined and projected into reality. Creating homes and structures, many work together to create larger structures but only in line with Earths energy and her willingness to accommodate so they need to (work?) with those who hold the codes of connecting to the Earth.

Codes of the Elementals - Also plants, insects and connection to Earth as a soul. Many of these people are closely connected to the energy of the Pleiadians. They know and work with the elvens, fairies and other beings of the Earth that were shut down due to the energetic fall. They have a big job to restore the balance of the elemental world and humanity to raise awareness and gather information from the plant and insect world to help humanity connect to the magic of Earth again.

This code has never completely been disconnected as two realities were in limbo, humanity and the elementals. So some humans needed to keep the energetic lineage going of this code, thus the so called witches and wizards that were persecuted. But they did a great job in holding that reality open so the elementals didn't completely disappear because they would be needed now in this time for humanity to reconnect to Earth again.

Many elvins, fairies, gnomes and others from the elemental world have willingly been chosen to be born as humans now

holding the code for this connection to ignite as part of the original program. They may see elementals as lights or wisps of energy, shadow figures in the forests or have visitations during sleep or just as they have awoken.

Codes of the Guardians to Animals - Many humans who hold this code gravitate towards the love of all animals, and are very affected when they see an animal hurt. They know they aren't here to control or farm any animal but rather to stand up for all animals to live freely on Earth again. They know many animals will work with humanity to create, when that connection comes from love and trust not fear.

Codes of the Seekers - Those who have the ability to visualize where Earth is in need of healing or strengthening. Seekers work with the Earth vibration visualizing the points on Earth in need and then handing that to a healer of the Earth for frequency adjustments or purifiers. This will happen when the fall of the system is definitely coming.

Codes to Purification - Those that hold this code will work closely with those that hold the codes of the seekers or be seekers themselves. Although seekers are very good remote viewers, where purifiers are energy shifters.

Purifiers have already mastered the art of manifesting and changing their reality, recognising the power of their imagination, but mainly for their own reality. But now will be activated to align themselves with what's necessary to clean up and work with Earth. They will be the conservationist and ones who feel connected to helping Earth heal. They would either despise mining and plantations or work in this sector for a small while just to feel into what's really going on, only to leave with a knowing that this is not the way to go. When in line with this code they love an energetically clean, clear mind and house and are organized even if others dont see it that way. They may get a pull to go to specific locations that need help.

Codes of Extradimensional and Interdimensional Beings - Those that hold this code will have already seen or start to see ufo's. Some have had this code already activated but many more are to be activated now. They will be working closely with these energies and beings to gather even more information of how to work in line with our natural program helping all evolve. They know who to trust. They can be channelers and also seem to have ufo's follow them, so they can take pictures as proof. But more and more proof will come as many more will activate this code. They will also be guided not to trust anything that comes from deceit or fear. And will have a strong urge to share their wisdom handed to them by these beings for all.

Channeled through Bobbie Richardson 31 05 2020

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