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Apocalyptic Event???

Channeled April 2nd 2022

My guides led me to a book I haven't opened in years, 'The Bible Code' by Michael Drosnin. I opened it up and read the first page I came to, it said "They told the future backwards".

Within moments a story was flickering through my mind... those that are in power come from a long line of leaders who were placed in power after a huge fall in humanities consciousness, they were in reflection the same frequency and so thrived, becoming leaders by using the vulnerability of humanities downfall and guilt.

The fall happened after humanity started to meddle in things not of natures creation, but of destruction and manipulation, they started to muck up many things within many dimensions on Gaia, so the Principle Beings who govern or oversee many dimensions gathered and it was decided after humanity exploded something likened to a nuclear bomb, to follow through on the apocalyptic event which just took place, allowing the fall of humanities consciousness and also allowing the consumer races that were already in war in space over Earths ownership to win their battle and become the new guides teaching humanity how to survive on Earth instead of thrive with Gaia as they were before. There’s so much more to this story as I see many conflicting stories that took place within this major story. Many different beings were also a part of this but not mentioned as this would become a book not a short-channelled message.

But in the end humanities fall took place after a massive disaster leaving humanity broken, coming from fear and guilt they were easily manipulated and programable as they didn’t trust themselves and so looked outside themselves for this help.

Next, I’m taken to 2022 and shown many apocalyptic movie themes been played out in theaters and on TV, as those who are holding onto their control over humanity are scrambling to program humanities consciousness into creating another massive disaster, still using their guilt and victimization to rule them. In other words, the bible code now made sense, "They told the future backwards" they are trying to re-create something that once brought them into power to keep that power going. They are constantly praying on humanities guilty consciousness and telling us that another apocalyptic event is going to happen, so that our focus will bring it around again.

But that isn’t what this new energy is about, as humanity cried out for help to get them out of a re-occurring nightmare, a loop which trapped them into a repeating cycle of war and guilt.

The hand of Source Energy has reached down and is now uplifting all of those who have had enough of this game, gifting them the ability to release the guilt and find love within themselves again. Now this is humanities chance to step out of the matrix and live as whole human beings again, gaining back the right to take the reins of creating the next step in their lives instead of shamming themselves and allowing others to tell them what they can and cannot accomplish.

Bobbie Richardson

Invison Art ©

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