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Updated: Feb 18, 2023


11th February 2023

Babies are born innocent because a baby is a soul coming straight from the world of energy or light and is born into a body that is still growing or forming in the physical world. Therefore, the soul is love of self or in essence God/Source Energy deciding to take a journey through a denser separated existence, that of the physical world therefore they have to still learn the program or limitations of the physical world, trusting their physical families to guide them.

But when that program is held hostage by a fear-based program extended through humanity by those who are trying to gain power by holding the majority in that fear. The soul which has been denied access to loving oneself but is still in the purest essence love, will never be able to acknowledge itself as the soul through the fear-based program, limiting humanities experience to that of warring within oneself and feelings of guilt, repression and victimization.

This is a reflection of not recognizing one as love, therefore only grounding confusion and over protection which creates the very fear one would be held hostage to by those already coming from the same fear, fear of feeling weak unless they can control their outside reality by inflicting more fear on others. And so, the cycle is complete and the fear-based reality created for humanity to live through.

Because of this there are those souls born so many times into the same fear-based program that it becomes confused and then finds itself stuck or lingering in-between the material world and the energetic dimensions when it leaves the body. This is because it has the inability to acknowledge itself as love when it departs this physical reality.

This place in-between the living and the dead is where many reside as a fourth dimensional aspect of self, and a state of confusion as to what’s real to the soul and what’s illusion, causing the soul to self-perpetuate the physical world as the only world that exists and therefore becoming entangled in the frequency of the living without a physical body or what most would call ghosts.

But a soul that is has gone through the cycle of returning back to source energy or love of self is born from the purest of energies that of its true nature, love, as love is the understanding that all is one source energy moving through the physical body as a way to journey into a programable physical world. Each and every program, meaning physical life in all aspect of what we call the living, holds different limitations and wisdoms to carry out such a life, creating many different species, every soul entering that species would already be in a vibrational meet of that plant, animal or in our case human.

As humanity called out for help over the last centuries as their reality started to see signs of consuming itself. This gave out an energetic invite to those born straight from higher awareness’s of self, never having experienced life after life caught in what many call the fear-based matrix. They have a stronger understanding of who they are without the victimized program infiltrating their consciousness. They then needed to believe so much in love or their soul that they can carve a new path for humanity to follow, but even those born from higher plains of existences into this denser frequency would still have to go through the initiation period of trusting their physical family they were born into to help guide them into what is acceptable and what’s not, then they would have to choose whether to believe in their own knowing that comes from their intuition or soul or what their family says. This initiation can cause the same conflicting life path as those who are caught within the matrix but many also have outside the box experiences which comes from their awareness of their soul to help shift them out of fear and back into carving a path of love. They will still have to be convinced enough through such experiences to choose love of self over fear of others.

These people have been born with specific missions and give themselves signpost to awaken themselves to their soul throughout their life. They are the ones who can guide many through becoming the leading example of what it’s like to lead themselves out of the fear-based program. There are many born now with such understanding of their soul and their mission, and is now the time for them to lead by example.

By Bobbie Richardson and her Soul team.

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Feb 11, 2023

I’ve always felt like I have more internal power, but it’s constantly blocked by Ego, worry and self doubt. I’m assuming once I move past those insecurities, I’ll be able to align with my souls quest. Thank you!


Feb 11, 2023

How do you know if you were chosen to lead in pure love and trust in yourself?

Replying to

Just asking that question and being open to an honest answer means you are already moving towards becoming what you asked.

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