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Entanglement becomes the observer.

The nature of things in a higher vibrational reality is only in existence through those that see more, so what’s seeing more?

It is the ability to view life as an emotional entanglement of that outside your immediate body which takes you to becoming the observer of their reality as well, due to an expansion of your own. Therefore, in these higher frequencies one can only cope with another’s story not by being entangled in the emotional state but to become the observer allowing a clarity of that which you are entangled with without the emotional burden of their story. In essence you become aware of them and so become closer to oneness through the observer as love and acceptance of all.

Therefore, their story is only filling a space within your own psyche that allows them to be present. Meaning your consciousness asks to become more aware, and others come and fill that space gifting your reality more wisdom and knowing through your connection and acceptance through love as the observer of them.

We are always doing this but humanity has been so focused on belittling and restricting oneself that they have limited their soul’s growth, keeping them stuck in an illusion that only fuels others who are in lack of within themselves, giving a polarity reality of lack vs. lack or victim vs. predator, therefore it will take one to step out of this game by no longer seeking to fuel self-love with another’s love and acceptance of themself.

In the higher frequencies those people that one will pull to themselves will gift them more wisdom and knowing that their reality can push outside the limitations of the logical game and into those imaginings that take the soul into expansion or realities where magic becomes real.

Any soul already born into higher frequencies of seeing their creation beyond the body, are still in essence a soul just like yours learning to expand, so therefore it is not the body that restricts you, but your lesser understanding of you as a soul, which is Source Energy/God going on an adventure through your body.

Once your logical self acknowledges that you are a soul as well and that your body is a creation of your soul’s vibration, whether that be in lack of forming even more restrictions of the body, or being born into blindness/without limbs/heart problems even birthmarks which are residual markings that one hasn’t cleared from a past life. Or on the other side of the scales, if you are born with a higher frequency knowing, like a lightworker or soul straight from a higher vibration, mostly in human form they stay looking younger than their peers and seem more beautiful or carry a feeling of knowing themselves, even if they did fall hard into victimization due to loosing themselves in order to find themselves again and help others out of the proverbial mind maze.

But once the logical self acknowledges the soul as self, then one can leave the restrictions of self-sabotage and victimization as they know they are a part of Oneness that of Source Energy/ Prime Creator or God and can then shift and change much more than the logical game of only being self-aware in a body.

Channeled Message - Bobbie Richardson and her Team

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