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Blue Lotus Channeled Information

6th January 2022

Blue Lotus Channeled Information

Lately my guides have brought the Blue Lotus to my awareness.

The Blue Lotus is a lotus flower taken by the Egyptians in ceremony and more.

I’ve personally never taken this psychedelic flower but my guides told me it can have the same effect as an empty mind after an orgasm, that this is the flower Egyptians would take to lead them into being very present and enjoying all life has to offer from a higher perspective, as well as it is the gateway flower to use when passing over or dying as it centres a person to become one with all living in the moment giving the soul a clear path to a higher state of conscience.

This is why it was found in many places all over Egypt, in many sexual drawings, gatherings of dancers and placed in tombs. It literally showed the path to a higher consciousness.

This can be achieved without the lotus, but one would have to had done the inner work and brought themselves to living in the moment, with no attachments to what has happened or what may happen. This brings them to such a heightened state of awareness that they will always know and trust their next step in life would bring them into more and more joy.

As fear leaves one, and inner strength takes on a calm demur allowing new perceptions of life to guide as one becomes in sync with the outside reality and acceptance of all.

Now in this moment on Earth many are being prepared with the conscious state of the Blue Lotus, this is the a step into the higher vibrations one may call the fifth dimension.

Bobbie Richardson and guides.

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