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Break Through The Elite Agendas.

All written here is written with the intention to move through any veil and comes from LOVE.

All of those waking up to the conspiracy truths, the 5G, chemtrails, vaccines, GMO and pesticide foods, wars, and lately the stream of satellites to cover the Earth and control, they already know that the elite/reptilian agenda use our collective energy against us.

So how do they do this?

They try to project their agendas to control us by using our fear to fuel their fire, getting us all as a collective through mainstream media, news and programs to imagine the worst, using our imagination as a fear based thought against ourselves. Even for some who are waking up and see the control they have inflicted on the many, can become very angry and fuel it even more. I know there are many people out there who want to wake others by lashing out in hate due to the many remarks on Facebook. Even people I know with great intentions are posting so much against these agenda's. But as I said this is only fueling the elites stories as their strength comes from your belief that they are indeed powerful.

But we can use our imagination as a collective to put a stop to all of this. Why do you think they teach children in schools to shut down our imagination, teaching us that our imagination is useless and cannot be trusted. That is because it is our imagination that will change everything, as a collective it has the power to STOP the elite in their tracks.

There is 3 ways using the love of humanity to help humanity get out of their fear-based grip. By just doing one or step by step all of these is enough to change the direction of our future.

Remember you are only as powerful as you think your enemies are. As fear is the reflection of the power you deny yourself.

1. To use the power of your imagination, everytime you see something in the media, imagine it failing. Anything the elite or others do not for the love of humanities potential breaks down or fails. Please don't imagine them being hurt as this wont come from love but imagine their wrongful actions failing. You might not know how this will come about but because you are firing rockets of intention that humanity is safe and all on it's way to finding the source or love within, this will help those who need to do any action to come from love as well and they won't get caught in any endless cycle of the duality fight again. (Codes To A New Reality 12- Power To The People was created for this)

2. Turn our backs on them and know in our hearts that our focus on creating something wonderful will mean that we are not fueling their agendas of fear anymore, so they will lose their grip and control over humanity and simply step down from their pedestal we allowed them to take.

3.This is for those that are beyond the programing and know we are all woven with the same thread creating the same cloth, in other words we all are Source energy, Creators or God. Ask them to come with us to create something new, as in doing this we already know we are just as powerful as they are and that they were sent to keep us in lockdown or control to teach us empathy for each other and that we are ONE. Thus stopping all future fights between those who are creating outside themselves and those creating from within, as all is in balance again. We have learnt from each other to trust that we are all needed and are just as powerful as each other so neither side needs to enforce that power over another anymore. As we all come from LOVE. BR

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