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Changing Timelines

Every time you clear a blockage within you, you are changing timelines. Therefor with humanities consciousness going through a time of purging and clearing all unwanted programs from the subconscious. We are all shifting our own realities from the inside out onto different timelines.

These timelines are new stories created, that move with your perspective of how you decide you deserve to be treated, ignoring all that treat you with less respect moves them from your timeline and brings in new people that see your beauty and uniqueness as something they too can relate to.

If your blockage is that you can’t receive then in that reality your life will be forever giving and bringing in those that take because they feel they always need others to give to them to feel good. But once you shift that, and learn to receive, you will also see the imbalance of only giving and align yourself with others that give and receive in balance as well, which shifts your timeline onto a path of creating a reality where all will work together to enhance each other’s lives.

This is how we do the inner work to shift our reality out of and imbalanced life, where victims and perpetrators exist, and into creating a life of harmony and balance created from our own self love and self-acceptance first.

Bobbie Richardson

Channeled 5th July 2022

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