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Check In To Shift Your Reality.

Stop what your doing and just sit for a moment, hear what noises are happening around you right now, what lights streaming in, what breeze is felt on your face. Sit and be present, then ask yourself, what energy am I putting out to the world, am I contributing an anxious vibe, a calm vibe, a worried or fear vibe, or a happy vibe.

This is the vibe that will come back to you so check in with this as much as you can and if you catch yourself putting out a vibe that you don't want to return, take a deep breath and change it.

Learn to be grateful for those small moments, those precious times living, remember the excitement of the adventures because the chances to improve yourself start with you, with your imagination and focusing on what you love.

Rebuild your life brick by brick with thoughts of all you loved in your life, not all your fear or are angry with.

Bobbie Richardson

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