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Choose Love

Channeled Message of the day 14th May 2020

Every moment we are giving an opportunity to choose love. Love can come in many different forms though, it's not all the airy-fairyness that many have been taught. As love for self is the strength to know when to stay silent, when to speak up and when to say no more to anything that doesn't serve your soul, mind and body's evolution.

There is a way forward if you choose to speak up or stay silent with LOVE for all.

Many have been taught that love means you only please others, that you always need to be the happiest. But in reality there is only one reality and that is yours and those that are presently effected by you. So in denying yourself, you have given your reality up to those outside yourself and this creates others to feel they need to control you to keep the balance. But once you know who you are, you will know that the Love you are is valuable enough to stay silent, speak up or say no, because you will know your path has swayed when you don't feel the LOVE that you are anymore when they try to control you.

This also doesn't mean to act through anger or fear either as the strength in knowing you are speaking up with LOVE keeps you in that space. So please dont see this as the same as speaking up to fight against another as to fight will only blind you more, fueling those that you are fighting.

A good example are those that speak with authority not anger, authority shows strength letting the other know that you know who you are and cannot be controlled. Anger needs to be controlled and gives rise to those who are controlling so the fight begins again.

Ask yourself. "Am I coming from LOVE for all?" This should give you a feeling of strength not anger or fear. If you aren't then walk away until you find your self love again.

So to summarize, Choose Love at every moment for you and all of those in your reality, and watch your reality bend around you to create the environment you've always denied yourself by giving away your power to be the LOVE that you truly are. BR

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