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Choose Your Own Reality

From the moment we are born we all live in a hostile reality, living with wildlife that could kill us, germs that could be ingested and harm us from the inside out. This world is full of surprises-both good and bad... but all is here for good reason for these death traps, are our way out of this reality, ways that our souls, if unhappy, could exit our bodies. And so our unhappiness will automatically lead us to becoming sick or in danger.

The powers of the old ways, those that have led you so far, would want you to feel fearful at all times because they know this keeps you locked in survival mode on Earth and easily controlled, they knew that your fears will create a reality where they are in charge as your victim state of mind overrules your desire to be happy and you constantly play the victim looking outside yourself for safety in another that is also coming from their lack, which is why they seek to control you.

The issue here isn't any germ, we are already surrounded by many all through our lives, we could never ever stop germs, but it is our belief in ourselves that either lines us up with a happy life for our souls to want to stay and thrive on Earth guiding us to a full-filling life or our fear-based program bringing us into survival mode, leading us to becoming sick and or under the control of another.

If this was a game, its time to stop playing there's and know you deserve to live in abundance because you exist and have the right through that existence to create your own reality worth living.

Bobbie Richardson - transcribed/channeled from Arcturian Guides

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