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Codes To A New Reality - 2020 Message From Source/God/Creator

A powerful message after my experience aligning my energy with Oneness or God. 28th - 29th March 2020. My intention 2 years before was to clear enough of myself to align myself with oneness so I could share my experience from knowing rather than what I was told by others. This is the furthest I've ever been down the rabbit hole.

I CAME BACK WITH A VERY POWERFUL MESSAGE FOR THESE TIMES, and even though it took me a good month to integrate my experience, I have done my best to share with you what I found at the center of Source within all of us.

Not religious just very curious, and my intention has always been to share these curiosities to empower humanity.

I have gained much being able to see into other realities, something handed to me by my mum who also had this gift. Seeing different perspectives of our reality as humans on Earth was sometimes scary, very confronting and also absolutely amazing but this event was huge as I took what was needed to lose the illusion of myself and gain back the truth of myself.

Enjoy!! Bobbie Richardson

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