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Come With Me On A Journey of Imagination

(Put on your head phones and listen as you read)

This is your reality, no ones else's, you decide if it makes you happy, or it makes you sad. You gravitate towards what you desire, you control the subtlety of your mind trying to trick you into allowing thoughts that bring you into despair or to trust in the unknown life of your amazing imagination.

Here's my story as I listen, take your time as you read, breath and allow space between the words.

Walking up to beings of greatness, their transparent bodies dwarf mine, as they hold out their hand to take mine I know instinctively that they are here to guide, to hold energy, to show me my strength and allow me to be the happiest in my creation of all things.

Waves of energy pull from their backs like angelic wings flowing through the bluish haze of their bodies. Together we meet through this vibration of unity.

I feel my power of the reality I have created, of my life so far and see it morph from me creating a swirl of thick white light, like a galaxy twirling behind me as I walk with magnificence upon the dark bluish soil of this unknown void.

(meditate with the music)

Each pulse of my imagination brings forth another moment in my life. My Nana playing the piano, me playing the piano, each note vibrating with my imagination. A violinist sliding their bow back and forth. A speed boat on the vast sea moving towards its destination, carrying people delighted to have such experience. The airy silence of the forest as I focus on a flower blooming. A giant dragonfly buzzing around me, leading me into a canopy of trees with a high swing draped over a top brunch. Climbing to take the swing I jump on and fall so far I touch the Earth and a tiny stream under me then back up into the sunlight sneakily streaming through the brunches. It hits my face in patches as I move and I feel it's warmth. My face is so happy, so delighted in such experience as I find myself back on the planet with the giant bluish beings again.

(meditate with the music)

They take me to an ancient site of Aborigines now dancing to their creations, to my part in that creation, to our story, I see more and more humans who understood the importance of their soul and the connection to the whole. To Life as a beautiful song of love, kaos and triumphs, to despair and love. All part of the whole.

(meditate with the music)

Back with the beings, I look over to my right and see more and more humans holding hands with these tall transparent bluish beings all with their story flowing like a galaxy behind them.

They are part of the whole too and no matter how sad or happy their experience is needed.

"But then I ask the beings, where are we going?"

"To a new start they say, to one that you wish to experience as now you know you have the power to create, as your wish is your desire."

I think for a moment of when I was a kid in the forest and loving my life, knowing I was secure and that life thrived to be supporting me. The feeling of ecstacy washed over me as I found myself on the edge of a desert.

"Your creation starts here they said as they fly off into the universe," leaving me with the knowing that I am still part of a whole but now I have a chance to recreate my life in any way my imagination wishes, allowing the unknownness of my creations clashing with other creations I created to emerge.

Yes I know now I am ONE and yet I am many.

Music - "Galactic Ways" [PsyAmbient / Deep Trance Mix]

Written while listening to this music by Bobbie Richardson

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