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Contact Is Coming!

9th June 2021

The time is coming for those that have done the inner work.

Not just yet though, as right now in this moment, humanity are moving through the energy of choice, to either keep on the path of learning from separation, of giving our reality to another to forge our path and looking outside ourselves for help, or recognising from living in the moment that we can drop the mind and take a leap of faith into the unknown till we remember again that the unknown is our souls connection to the whole and the ability to trust our own sovereignty forging our own path.

Once this choice is made those who take the first option will be told by another leader/race what’s next for them as this is what their soul still yearns to learn, no right or wrong. But for those who do the inner work of purging their mind till it lets go of the past enough to become aware of the moment and shed all thoughts of self-sabotage, taking complete responsibility for their own reality thus moving into new adventures. They have the opportunity to then create a direct contact with others from planets living in closer vibration to Oneness/Source Energy/God Within. This could start off with telepathy or channelled messages gaining trust through the awareness and comfort of this new vibrational extra-terrestrial, so that when the time comes for physical contact you will recognise their energy and embrace the wisdom passed on.

It is a natural progression of our evolution to awaken our DNA, ignite many more neuron paths and therefore expand our reality and consciousness to those who live outside of Gaia.

Once our trust in ourselves has been confirmed from within we have the trust in our hearts to guide us towards learning more about our potential as our hearts listen to our souls and our souls know we are more than human, we are infinite and can experience so much more with this new level of consciousness.

The time is coming and with it everything on Earth will change.

Bobbie Richardson

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