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DNA and relationships – creating new worlds.

29th August 2021

A relationship is like two strands of the DNA, if one takes over more then the other, or tries to control the other the strand wobbles and eventually becomes sick. As DNA is the essence of love in physical form, as it become the whole oneness of its own creation as the essence of creation is love, the unity of two becoming one out of an openness and longing to create as one. When one enters into a scared bond or relationship with another, they merge their realities as two circles join. The inner joining is the stability of the new vibration or frequency which happens when two creations merge.

Eventually the form of these pure and balanced unities create the flower of life its self and with that the ability to manifest worlds.

If the relationship is forced as many are on Earth at the moment, due to the individual not finding the essence of love for self first, the unions and relationships are like wobbely DNA strands, which are easily controlled due to their feeling a lack of control within themselves. For ever searching that lack of love in another instead of finding it within themselves.

This is why it is so important for lightworkers to find self love so that they will hold a healthy human love vibration where one merges but still stay whole within themselves as part of the circle that hasn’t merged with another. Where two become more and a new reality on Earth is birthed through this unified balanced of love.

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