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Draft for a New Movie/Series - work in progress

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

I've decided to bring my work of a new movie idea into my blogs so you can see any progress I do as I create in real time. Unedited.


The fall of an old paradigm and connection between two souls who step onto a desert to ignite creating a whole new reality, one where magic and the imagination can create untold manifestations.

Title ideas

Creation Story

Creating A New World

Happy Curiosity’s

The Source Of Duality

Codes To A New Realty

The Love of Genisis

First Scene

A moving artist movie of the society as we know it crumbling into the Earth. Cities and sky-scapers, bridges and high-rises, Government buildings, traffic lights. Everything but nature.

An observer – a teenage girl wakes up on a cliff overlooking the city. But she’s facing a the other side a vast baron land, reaching towards a dusky sunset.

Camera over looking the city – zooming in on certain building mention above, then out again to see the whole city fall, back and forth slowly (maybe only twice)

Then panning right out till the camera reaches the cliff but still facing the city till you can see a teenage girl lying on the cliff overlooking the city.

She stands up from her sleep, taking a while to arise, maybe even seeming like it’s been a very long sleep.

As she stands the camera comes from behind her as shes ignorant to the crumbling city which is still falling behind her. Instead in front of her, she is facing a baron land very vast and empty of all with a sunset going over the horizon.

Panning to the girls face, her face is innocent as a child excited to go on an adventure. Behind her The city is nearly all but gone now except for the blooming dust clouds.

An excitement of colours start to shimmer from her., as she raises her hand, the camera zooms into the dirt to see a seed from into a small plant grow but hen fade away to particles of dust as she looks else where and creates a rainbow which also fades out.

Camera pans out and up, till we see her whole body standing in a white silky pearly coloured dress, amost like a nightdress (or naked). Behind her the camera angle zooms into the old city and through the dust a teenage solidier walks out of the rubble towards the cliff as he approaches closer to her he drops his gun and equipment plus his clothes till he only wearing white (or naked), his demeanor goes from anger to curiosity and strength as he spots the girl, high up on the cliff, she is now dancing as the colours form around her.

The girl turns slowly to see the crumbling city in the distance as the mans hand reaches the cliff edge, he pulls himself up to a crouching position to see the beautiful lady before him dancing everywhere creating more and more plants and flowers, which all fade just as fast as she creates them as her concentration shifts from one thing to another. Dancing as she go she whirls towards him fast and stops right in front of him as he stood up. Going into slow motion, her hair flies forward and wraps around his head, then falls around his shoulders. Love pours out of his eyes at the ecstatic feeling over coming him, (goosebumps). She is very surprised, startled even and then hesitant but her shock keeps her there facing his eyes and he faces hers so close, his feeling from her strength excites him.

She steps back and motions towards the rubble of a city, as if to say look what you did, then she turns, her hands reaches up and colours come swirling out creating a vine but disappears fast. The boy hangs his head, the girl runs to the cliff edge and claps her hands excitedly. He is very puzzeled and pulls away, she takes his arm and says “you need me, - silence

They stand there the cameara pans around and around them with each background of baron land and rubble in the distance whirling in the background. His face is almost hurt, hers is calm

The girl speaks again, “as I need you”

She takes his hand giggling she runs across the baron land, he looks back at the distraction he left behind, anger on his face then turns to see the girl dancing in front of him like a child but with the beauty of a mature lady.

Walking for a while the sun has nearly set, when the man takes both of her hands asking her to face him. “We need shelter, do you think you can focus enough to create something for us.”

She tires but her creations still fade.

The man gets a little annoyed and she felt this straight away, turning her head hanging, the colours around her became darkened as clouds started to form, dark clouds over an orange sunset.

Camera focuses on the thick clouds and rain falling.

Rain started to pour down on them, the soldier man grabbed her and protected her from the rain, he knew he must if they were to move through this together. As she drops to the ground, he wraps her up in his arms as he sit behind her. His heart so close to hers fills her with such protectional love that she starts to glow. Plants seed before them, growing fast into big broadleaf trees, their brunches forming a circle around them both. He looks up as we see through his eyes the canopy of these trees closing in to create a roof above them. Moss emerges under them, the girl still has her eye's closed feeling into his love for her. Small bell shaped white flowers emerge all around them. Her man picks one and notices the sweet a sweet delicious smell, a due drop falls onto his finger as he raises it to his lips tasting the nectar that fuels him instantaneously.

He stands up, she looks up to see what she's created surrounding them, feeling into the lush soft moss with her hands.

Walking towards a weaker part of the brunches he starts to break away some creating a door that on one side bends open acting as a hinged side. Walking out he see's there love had created even more as trees of all shapes and sizes flowers and moss grew for as far as he could see. The rain still falling glinted in the light of a beautiful golden Sun emerging in the far distances through the canopy of the trees. A small stream was developing between the roots of the trees. He stood there with her now beside him, amazed at what their love could create.


Adventures of what they learn to create together, strange encounters with elemental fairy folk half there and half not as they learn to develop connection to all life.

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