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End Days - Disconnection or Re-connection

Channeled 21st June

Prime Creator has taken its advice from humanity, asking to know more, to feel more, and to shift into a more pleasurable life, therefore in refection the energies have shifted to acknowledge one’s soul and connected again to their emotions and their intuition, this then allows our acceptance of all to trust our imagination and drive forward not from the mind which is constantly sifting through thoughts but through ones acceptance and awareness of self, self being the whole self, including the body, mind, heart and soul then out to the very reality we are creating from our own observational point, seeing all as that said reflection and allowing others to move in and out of our vibration from our own self-awareness.

End days – If one doesn’t allow the soul to connect and be noticed within these new energies arising on planet Earth and through humanities consciousness, then the soul will disconnect even more leaving the avatar or body to react without conscience. Therefore, others can control their body or avatar through nano and microchips easier, or the person will just end up running around like a headless chook not taking any responsibility for their doings. Many will see a great split within humanity. As the people who try to keep the old story afloat they will find this disconnection to their soul giving rise to trusting others above themselves which will become there undoing.

This is why it is so important atm to do the inner work and see where one was denying the souls advice, to feel into emotions that were present to show one where they weren’t being authentic to themselves.

Bobbie The Messenger

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