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Etherical Beings Residing on Earth

30th Aug 21

There is another world that resides on Earth within the higher frequencies. Humanity use to be able to communicate with these beings’ eons ago, many are what others would call the elementals or Faye, others are of human in size and bigger, they are the spiritual side of us that the veil of illusion stopped us from interacting with and seeing.

Many tribes escaped wars and bloodshed, by following their shamans who connected with these etherical beings and shifted their reality to merge with there’s through self-love. Quantum physics has proven this to be of some substance through the findings of a particle vibrating so high or fast that it disappears from their reality only to reappear later. The only way humanity can move in and out of this is to stop with the fear game and focus on the love game.

The elementals and Faye that reside there are in harmony within themselves and are the go between Earth and humanity as their wisdom is within the plants and elements of Earth. But the fables and twisted stories are of those Faye that were caught in-between the physical and etherical realms of Earth losing their way, became mischievous as they tried to connect to humanity only to be meet with no communication at all due to the veil of limitation pulled over the eyes of humanity. This happened thousands of years ago and since humanity in this limited fear state only interacting with the physical plain, for getting all interaction with their etherical connections.

As for the human size etherical beings, many showed themselves in this limited world as what the Australians would call Mimmin lights or spherical spheres of lights, some thought them to be angels some Extra-terrestrials. This isn’t to say Angels and extra-terrestrials don’t exist but this is to point out that some were actual beings that resided on Earth, in higher or faster vibrations, that of love.

So, the more we as a race connect back through our hearts to our souls we will come more and more in contact with these beautiful beings, who are willing to help guide us into new frequencies on Earth by using the portholes within ourselves through self-love and on Earth’s surface.

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