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FB Live Chat - Channeled Message and Wisdom Remembered - Telepathy

3rd Dec 2020


Telepathy is an exchange of feelings that your mind turns into words, so you can get more of a sense of what the person means in your own language and believe me it is way more on point than language because the feeling behind the words is brought through were language can be very confusing, one word means this and in another language something completely different. There can be no lies no deception, no lost translation. It is freedom to explore all other cultures and the universal language of everything, even including plant life, animals and Earths consciousness. So you see you gain so much more through telepathy. Plus you can connect to other beings of higher integrity.

Fear and anger is the reverse of telepathy as the angrier you get the further away you are from Oneness/Source Energy or the God Within and the more you would disconnect or destroy all around you through that anger but the closer you get to accepting all, to Source Energy the more connections you gain and all the wisdom with those connections, so love is the only way to connect through telepathy.

Also if one does not want to divulge information then they have enough control over their mind to stop others from what humanity may call probing. This simply doesn’t exist, it only exists if you don’t have control of your mind and therefore telepathy would not be your natural form of communication anyways.

(Explain my telepathic experience with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha)

Eons ago humanities only form of communication was telepathy, its funny because humanity thinks language as a higher form of communication and that animals aren’t as bright as them because they don’t speak, but actually that has nothing to do with intelligence or higher consciousness. Yes it depends on what a animals consciousness or dare I say program is in the sense of their natural abilities that guide them to survive or thrive but they all have some form of telepathic understanding just as humanity use to, as this is the natural way of communication. Its humans that have fallen and lost their ability to trust their feelings to only allow their logical side to take charge which doesn’t have any connection to Source Energy or their emotions and so disowns half of what being human is all about. So with this fall, humanities demises left them not knowing what to do other than allow another person to guide them, or creating a God outside of them, leaving the door wide open for another being to gain control and use humanity to their own will. So humanity became the victim, but this also gave humanity the opportunity to learn all about the logical connection to their bodies and Earth, thus science was born and for the last thousands of years humanity has been in an inner lockdown lesson.

But now the energy has shifted as it is time for humanity to wake up that part of them that was lost, or our intuitive feminine side of ourselves, connecting us back to our gut feelings and emotions which help drive us to not only the things we love but empowers us to love all we have created and to take responsibility for our inner journey therefore with this maturity telepathy is a given.

This is all been told to you right now because those who have done the inner work and there are many more coming because these intense energies are pressurizing people into looking inwards at themselves and taking responsibility, waking up their authentic alignment to understanding that they don’t have to be the victim anymore, that to work towards what they love creates more of what they love and connects them to higher vibrations.

Thus the awakening has truly started when we as higher benevolent beings, who have arrived to help are more and more inline with your energies again. Yes we are upon your doorstep and about to ring the bell. To teach and learn so much from each others journeys through telepathy first. And then as we get to know each other this will become a real connection as we come to visit you and introduce ourselves as friends, lost relatives and connections forgotten.

We are as enthusiastic as you about this new connection and look forward to connecting again. Open hearts, open minds, open to LOVE all.

Bobbie Richardson

Codes To A new Reality

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